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The History Of ARCO

ARCO Electric Products was founded in 1964 by the late Robert Cotanch. ARCO Electric is proud of its heritage and continues to carry on the tradition of fine service.

“A” “R”obert “C”otanch “O” rganization, ARCO, began as a manufacturer of electrical motors and equipment serving the local community with a repair shop. At that time, a full service motor repair shop was open to all individuals, businesses, and farm personnel. Today, ARCO has advanced from motor repair into a manufacturing company shipping products globally to our customer base.

ARCO is a manufacturer of Roto-Phase Converters, Power Factor Correction Capacitors, and Bus Bar Assemblies. In the late 1960’s ARCO developed a rotary phase converter called Roto-Phase which continues to lead the market today in the area of plant irrigation systems.

In 1967 ARCO Electric Products won a contract to supply a motor that was manufactured and sold to NASA and was to be installed on Sky Lab. It was originally scheduled to operate a door on a moon mission, but was later determined to be installed on Skylab. Skylab reentered the atmosphere years later and crashed somewhere in Australia.

After Robert Cotanch’s passing, his wife operated the business from 1986 until 1992, when it was acquired by Kirby Risk. At that time George S Olive Company was ARCO’s and Kirby Risk’s accounting firm. The mutual accounting firm introduced the two organizations, and the sale was completed in 1992. The ARCO business today operates under the same fundamental principles established by Robert Cotanch in the 1960’s; great customer service and innovative technologies developed from some of the original ARCO personnel with the organization today!

Contact ARCO

Home Office:
2325 E. Michigan Road
Shelbyville, IN 46176-3400
Toll Free: 800-428-4370
Direct: 317-398-9713
Fax: 317-398-2655
Location Manager:
Dustin Shoaf
Sales Manager:
Tim Drake
Tony Abdou