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Rotary Roto Phase Converter Standard - 2013


Standard reactive compensation capacitors are available from Aerovox in the following product categories:

  • AMP0 – Vacuum-impregnated metallized polypropylene, compact size.
  • MMP0 – Vacuum-impregnated metallized polypropylene, rugged welded case.

Available standard ratings t 60 Hertz for each respective category are shown in Standard Voltage and KVAR Ratings below. Please consult the factory for other voltages and KVAR ratings.

Low Voltage AMP0 MMP0
240 Vac 0.5 - 10 20 - 30
480 Vac 0.5 - 25 25 - 100
600 Vac 1.0 - 25 25 - 100
750 Vac 50 - 100
Med Voltage MMP0
900 Vac 50 - 100
1040 Vac 25 - 200
1200 Vac 25 - 200
2400 Vac 25 - 200
2770 Vac 25 - 200
4160 Vac 25 - 200
4800 Vac 25 - 200

Harmonic Distortion

Harmonic distortion is the resulting non-sinusoidal current waveform generated by a non-linear load. The most common non-linear load is a pulse rectifier, which is used in most switch mode power supplies, variable speed drives and uninterruptible power supplies. The distorted current waveform generates a distorted source voltage due to the system (electrical power system) impedance. A distorted waveform can be analyzed by decomposing it into a fundamental component (line frequency) and higher frequency components of varying amplitude. The effects of harmonic distortion on metallized film capacitors are (1) higher operating temperature because of higher I2R losses, and (2) higher voltage stress on the dielectric. Both of these factors will shorten the life of a capacitor dramatically. All Aerovox Power Factor Correction capacitors are designed to handle harmonic currents, however, Aerovox also offers capacitors that are custom designed for systems with high harmonic distortion. By using our high-harmonic capacitors in your harmonic rich application, you will have a more robust construction compared to using standard capacitors in the same application.

PART NUMBERING SYSTEM (Example AMP00125F33S: AMP0, 12.5 KVAR, 480Vac, 3-Phase, 3-Terminal, S-studs)

  • 1 Capacitor cell type: AMP0 or MMP0
  • 2 Whole KVAR (3 digits)
  • 3 KVAR in tenths (omit if n/a)
  • 4 Voltage Code (line to line), see table 2
  • 5 Number of Phases
  • 6 Number of Terminals
  • 7 Optional factory codes, if applicable


Std Vac Std Code High Vac High Code
240 D 480 C
480 F 600 I
600 H
750 Z
900 O
1040 B
1200 W
2400 J
2770 K
4160 L
4800 M
240 D
240 D


All Aerovox Power Factor Capacitors are impregnated with a dielectric fluid to give added insulation, excellent corona protection and a moisture barrier. The dielectric fluid is considered a green (benign), environmentally friendly material. All capacitors are 100% leak tested. Aerovox products do not contain PCBs.

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