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Rotary Roto Phase Converter Standard - 2013

Standard Features:

  • Specify 230 VAC or 460 VAC
  • ODP or TEFC Design Units Available
  • Continuous Operating Duty Cycle
Model Largest Motor Avg. Max. Operated HP Capacity
HD2 2 9
HD3 3 12
HD5 5 20
HD7 7.5 30
HD10 10 45
HD15 15 60
HD20 20 75
HD25 25 100
HD30 30 100
HD40 40 100
HD2P 50 120
HD2S 60 150
HD3P 75 200
HD4P 100 220

The Heavy Duty Roto-Phase is designed to start ONE “hard starting” motor based on the rotary phase converter’s Largest Motor HP rating plus miscellaneous smaller motor loads equal to or less than the Maximum Recommended HP Capacity. It can also handle a start-up load of TWO motors of the same HP rating as the Largest Motor rating of the phase converter if they are sequentially started and operated under light loads. This unit has a greater capacity than any rotary phase converter made. The reason for the larger horsepower capacity of this unit is due to the increase in physical size. The heavy duty converters are substantially larger in comparison than our competitor’s units which are listed at a heavy duty rating. This allows the converter the capability of starting motors that are “hard starting” or operating more three phase motor load.

The Heavy Duty Series Design is capable of handling the tough jobs such as: CENTRIFUGAL WATER PUMPS, GRAIN DRYERS, FERTILIZER MIXERS, DOUGH MIXERS, REFRIGERATION COMPRESSORS, AIR COMPRESSORS, and RESISTIVE LOADS as well as multiple inductive motor loads. The largest motor horsepower rating is in true horsepower and is not intended to operate mis-rated motors or motor loads. Where TWO motors match the Largest Motor Rating of the phase converter and are “simultaneously” started, then you would need to choose the Roto-Phase Converter model which matches the TOTAL horsepower of the two three- phase motors. When using this series of converter with “high efficiency” motor loads, please consult factory.



  • Magnetic Starter with Overload Protection & PB ON/OFF Station or a Time-Delay Relay
  • Fused Disconnect Switch
  • Voltage Regulation Larger Models Available
Rotary Roto Phase Converter Diagram
Ship Wt.
HD2 13.00" 11.00" 10.00" 7.00" 9.00" 10x8x6 96 Lbs.
HD3 16.00" 13.00" 13.00" 8.00" 10.00" 16x12x6 171 Lbs.
HD5 17.00" 14.00" 13.00" 10.00" 12.00" 16x12x6 222 Lbs.
HD7 19.00" 16.00" 16.00" 12.00" 12.00" 16x12x6 275 Lbs.
HD10 23.00" 18.00" 21.00" 13.00" 13.00" 18x18x10 482 Lbs.
HD15 25.00" 20.00" 24.00" 14.00" 15.00" 18x18x10 643 Lbs.
HD20 25.00" 20.00" 24.00" 14.00" 15.00" 18x18x10 687 Lbs.
HD25 27.00" 22.00" 25.00" 15.00" 17.00" 24x24x10 975 Lbs.
HD30(1) 27.00" 22.00" 25.00" 15.00" 17.00" 24x24x10 8x8x6 1009 Lbs.
HD40(1) 27.00" 22.00" 25.00" 15.00" 17.00" 24x24x10 10x10x6 1023 Lbs.
HD2P(**) 25.00" 20.00" 24.00" 14.00" 15.00" 18x18x10 1375 Lbs.
HD2S(**) 27.00" 22.00" 25.00" 15.00" 17.00" 24x24x10 1982 Lbs.
HD3P(***) 25.00" 20.00" 24.00" 14.00" 15.00" 18x18x10 2062 Lbs.
HD4P(****) 25.00" 20.00" 24.00" 14.00" 15.00" 18x18x10 2750 Lbs.

Dimensions given are not certified.
Case size and shipping weights are subject to change without notice.
ARCO Electric reserves the right to make product changes without prior notice.
Specify 230 V or 460 V. Orders placed without specified voltage 230 will be used.

(**)Two Units (***)Three Units (****)Four Units Paralleled (1)Includes Separate Auxiliary Capacitor Bank

NOTE: When ordering the phase converter with the magnetic starter control package, you will need to add the Prefix Letter “C” (Automatic unit with starter, OL protection, and time-delay relay), or Prefix Letter “C/” (Manual unit with starter, OL protection, and push button START/STOP station).

With the addition of optional features, the panel size of the phase converter model may change – Please Consult Factory.

ARCO Electric Products reserves the right to make product changes without prior notification.

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